by Tiny Fingers

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released July 21, 2015

All music written, arranged and performed by TINY FINGERS.
Produced by TINY FINGERS.
This album was recorded in summer 2014 at Anova Studio.
Recorded and mixed by Adir "The Doctor" Dadia.
recording engineer and editing: Eran "Hatsil" Alpern
Mastering by Paul Gold.
Graphics by Yotam Kellner.
Management: Asaf Ben David.

Tiny Fingers are:
Oren Ben David- Guitar
Boaz Bentur- Bass
Nimrod Bar- Keys and Synths
Tal Cohen- Drums
Words unspoken - Daniella Tourgeman
Flute on Music For The Sun - Hagar Shahal

We Would like to thank all the great people that supports us along the way- Family, friends and our great fans. Thanks for the love, for believing, thanks to the forces of creation that gives us the inspiration to create music.


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Tiny Fingers Israel


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Track Name: The Fall
How can I show you
If you don't wish to see
Its not a secret anymore
I'll come whenever you call me
Down the watershed
Behind the reddened sky
Whatever it is
I'll bring it back for you
Dream of me and I'll come
Words unspoken
But we don't need them anymore
How can i show you
If you don't
If you don't wish to see
Words unspoken but we don't need them anymore
Down the watershed
Behind the reddened sky
This one is eternity
How can i show you
If you don't wish to see
Track Name: Eyes of Gold
Just as the shadows somehow become
So will you be stirred soon out of the numb
The veil that crosses my eyes, crosses my eyes
Is bleeding me out
Bringing me down
There's something about being high, being lost, being free
It might be a dream
But still it could be
They wear illusions
So I can see

Take me out of this hell
Fool me not I can tell
Pull me out of this spell
I don't belong in this hell.
Track Name: Traveller Soul
I'm ready.
Such a definite.
I'm losing. I’m losing. I'm ready.
Track Name: Deuteronomy
Track Name: Drops
I'm looking out
Holding you close
The window is open
The air is warm
You take me in you give me love
The sound of water

I'm hollow, just like you
I'm panting, transcendent , I'm transparent
I'm waiting on the line just like your friends
Waiting in the field just like you to win

One day, you know
You're gonna be calm
In her arms
You're gonna be calm

I'm hollow just like you
Transcending to the other side
I made a feeling just like you
For making the difference
Between him and I

And the healer came and i wanted to keep him
Making the difference
Between him and I
And i wanted pain
I wanted to see how it makes me feel
This pain is too sweet
Keep it inside
Keep it inside
Track Name: The Other
Buzzes and shine Buzzes and shine
Barely recognized by a mirror
Never been clearer or nearer
Learn to be at peace
With what we call the other, the other, the other.
Track Name: Nine of Swords
Mesmerised by a snowing light
I memorised the stars, made them fit
Into a world of our time
To fire hand stones on the edge
Of misty mornings vulture pledge
It is good to be free

Take me to your other land
Take me to your other land
Garden of infinity
Garden of infinity
Track Name: Dispatcher
Fly in your fields
By the sea
And you sing to me

Your home is the only home
Your word is the only word
And i will speak of your days
Your love will carry me on
Stranded on these lost highway
Never going back

These monsters they're making me move
For your words will carry me through
Countless lands and havens
Thou shall empty me
And you'll end your days in sacrifice

Carry the stem of the smallest
See through the hour
To the other side of you
For you are all my sides
And you are the fights and you are the trials
In all the corners of the world
I'm nothing but a man before the chance
Hell make me worthy of this
Make me whole inside
I'm never going back

Father, father, father, father, oh
Lightning hit me strike
Left me beaming like
A powerhouse, a powerhouse
Rolled up in a dream
Making up making some
This is just a wild dream
Don't you see it's just a wild dream
Wake up you're already dead
Monsters running in your head
Come back, come back
I wanna die unchained
All I wanna be is free again
Yeah I know I could be free again
So empty me out, to your will
Track Name: Music For The Sun

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